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Humane League, The

(aka) The Humane League

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PO Box 10476
Rockville,  MD 20849
Phone: 888-211-5241

The Humane League is an international farm animal protection group working to reduce the suffering of animals as effectively as possible. We reform the way farm animals are treated while inspiring people to make compassionate food choices.

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Real Life Story

When most of us picture a farm we envision a red barn, green pastures and open sky. But for the billions of animals raised for food each year in the United States, the stark reality of modern factory farming couldn't be more different.

Today 90-95% of all meat and dairy products come from factory farms, industrial warehouses where animals are treated like units of production rather than living beings. Most of these animals will spend their entire lives in filthy, cramped conditions inside immense warehouses. Most farmed animals will never feel the sun on their backs or the grass beneath their feet. Many are confined so tightly that they will never be able to turn around without hitting cage bars or another animal. Animals are bred to grow at a rate much quicker than would ever occur naturally. This leads to animals that have trouble walking and breathing due to their unnatural girth, and that suffer a host of other painful and debilitating health problems.

Farm animals are specifically excluded from the animal cruelty laws of each state, and as a result behaviors that would constitute felony animal cruelty if done to a cat or dog are perfectly legal when done to farm animals. 95% of farmed animals have no protection at all. As a result of the incredible cruelty that occurs on today's farms, more and more people are choosing to leave animal products off their plates in order to spare farmed animals a lifetime of daily suffering.

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