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Dogs Leading the Blind

(aka) Leader Dogs for the Blind

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1039 South Rochester Road
Rochester Hills,  MI 48307-3115
Phone: 888-777-5332

Pairing highly trained service dogs with people who are blind to form teams that work, play, and live together in safety and companionship. Training puppies that will grow up to a life with purpose as canine companions.

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Real Life Story

Talking with Brian Celusnak is like talking to any college freshman. They're enjoying their first taste of freedom, getting into the swing of classes and schedules, and telling you about last weekend's football game. Brian is no different. Like many other freshman, he's rooming with one of his best friends - his Leader Dog "Armor."

Brian and Armor are nearly inseparable on Western's campus. "I really like being on my own for the first time. It's such a big change that it can be shocking at times, but it's exciting."

"In many ways, Leader Dog was just as important as high school in getting me here," Brian explains. Brian took advantage of everything Leader Dog has to offer. In 2007 he attended Trekker Camp and learned how to use an auditory GPS device to navigate new environments.

Brian returned to Trekker Camp in 2008, this time as a counselor helping other teenagers have a positive experience while at LDB. He finished his dog guide training with Armor just months before starting at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.

Brian is majoring in Interdisciplinary Health Services and plans a master's degree in Blindness and Low Visions Studies with the ultimate goal of teaching others who are visually impaired. "I want to teach people to advocate for themselves so they can succeed in life.

I'm doing it, I'm living it, why not help someone else succeed."

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