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Save The Animals

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Box 83775
Phoenix,  AZ 85071
Phone: 602-241-2873

Animals in Crisis! The uncontrolled exploding animal population sentences starving dogs and cats to cruel short lives. Please help us stop this needless suffering. Your donation helps saves the lives of the innocent animals in our communities!

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Real Life Story

Kara Bass I use some of the produce for my rats, guinea pigs and rabbits (all raw). Definitely helps me cut down on my produce bill for the family and the pets.


Stephanie Hurley Lounsbury My dog loves when I get my mom produce! She sits by me the whole time I'm chopping and preparing to freeze. She eats all the extras we "accidentally" drop plus we save extra for her as treats 


Help Save The Animals!

Help save the animals by providing food, medical care and supplies, neutering for feral cats and sanctuaries for the abused and unwanted!

Visit our website and sign our pledge to CARE now!

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