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America for Animals

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P.O. Box 80035
San Diego,  CA 92103
Phone: 858-412-7078

Our goal is to create a more compassionate nation for abused & neglected creatures; end suffering & cruelty for domesticated, farmed and wild animals; and to help educate people to make humane choices more easily and support businesses who do the same.

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Real Life Story

America for Animals' Compasion clinic provides free spay and neuter surgeries, flea and tick removal, and grooming to dogs and cats in Tijuana, Mexico. We are able to help an average of 100 animals every day we visit. We also take the opportunity to educate people on proper care for their animal companions using Spanish-language pamphlets and bi-lingual assistants.

On September 20th, 2015 America for Animals took its 8th trip to Tijuana. We spayed and neutered 124 dogs and cats that day. But one story stood out to me. I met a woman named Anahi. She told us that she has rescued and found loving homes for 12 dogs, all of whom she has brought to our clinic to be spayed or neutered. This time, she brought with her two dogs named Chanclas ("slippers" - because she eats old shoes) and Polita to the clinic to be spayed. She found both of them roaming the streets of Tijuana. She was so grateful for our clinic, because despite her limited income, she is able to rescue animals off the street, provide them with quality healthcare, and place them in a loving home.

I had to tell her that we couldn't do any of this without the support of our donors. So truly, you are the ones we all must thank. The animals, and hose who care for them, need our help. Thanks to you, we are able to provide them with that care.

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