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Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors

(aka) Mercy Medical Angels

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4620 Haygood Road
Suite 1
Virginia Beach,  VA 23455
Phone: 888-675-1405

FREE transportation nationally and internationally for veterans, children and cancer patients that removes barriers to medical care, service dogs and adaptive sports activities using Airline, Volunteer Pilot, and Ground transportation programs.

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Real Life Story

Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors (aka Mercy Medical Angels) is committed to removing barriers to care by providing FREE transportation nationally and internationally to veterans in need of medical care, service dogs or adaptive sports activities. Nationwide, we link veterans to life-saving treatment and services. Kenneth served in Operation Desert Shield and was honorably discharged in 1991. He made it home, but his experiences caused him to develop depression and PTS. That's when Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors (aka Mercy Medical Angels) came in flying Kenneth to Texas so he could obtain a service dog. When Kenneth talks about how he was helped his voice fills with relief. Helping me obtain a service dog "changed my life completely. With Paisley, I'm able to go to work and be around other people. Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors (aka Mercy Medical Angels) is changing the lives of those who have sacrificed in service to this country." Children and cancer patients are also served internationally. Marlin was diagnosed with liver cancer. Specialist at MD Anderson could help him, but the renowned cancer center was more than 700 miles away from home. Thanks to your generosity, Marlin made the round trip to receive his life-saving treatments. "You were a tremendous help in making my flight to MD Anderson possible," said Marlin. "I have a special needs daughter in treatment at Baylor University in Houston. I could not get her there if it were not for Mercy Medical Angels. Thank you so much for your recent gift of gas cards for her radiation therapy." Help us to continue caring for those in need by removing transportation barriers to live-saving care and services.


Help veterans in need.

No one should be denied access to life-saving treatments or care because they don’t have a way of traveling to a facility to receive it.  Removing barriers to care and services, we provide FREE transportation at no cost. 92% of each dollar directly benefits veterans in need.

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