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United Poultry Concerns

(aka) United Poultry Concerns Inc

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PO Box 150
Machipongo,  VA 23405
Phone: 757-678-7875

Chickens and turkeys are cruelly raised and slaughtered. Ducks are denied water. We promote compassionate treatment of these suffering birds. Help us protect them.

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Real Life Story

Annabelle, the Baby “Broiler” Chicken

Annabelle was a heap of soaking wet chicken when a driver picked her off Interstate 20, in Alabama, at 7:30 in the morning. So many chickens fall off trucks on this highway that the sight was not unusual. Only this time, “the little heap raised its head.” Seeing this, the driver wheeled off at the next exit and raced back to the soggy bundle of feathers.

Annabelle was an exhausted little bird with her head hanging down during her first 24 hours. But with gentle care, she progressed to being a wobbly patient perching on the edge of her carrier. Then she started peeping – a hopeful sign!

Days later, her rescuer brought Annabelle to United Poultry Concerns. We welcomed this soft white, round little chicken named Annabelle, with her tiny peeps, into our sanctuary.

Our veterinarian treated Annabelle’s fractured beak with surgical glue and dressed her wounded wings. Luckily, our hen Petal was recovering from mouth surgery and had to sit quietly in the house. Annabelle insisted that Petal become her foster mother. At first, Petal did not seem thrilled with this eager stranger snuggling up to her, crawling over her back, under her wings, and butting against her head at the food bowl. But to see them now sitting side by side, you would say they are family, especially when Annabelle preens Petal, and Petal closes her eyes, looking for all the world like she was blessed with the only child she ever had.

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