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Felidae Conservation Fund

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100 Shoreline Highway
Building B, Suite 100
Mill Valley,  CA 94941
Phone: 415-877-4050

Native wild cat research, conservation & preservation, including protection of pumas (AKA mountain lions), cheetahs, leopards, & bobcats from poaching & extinction. We protect habitats &?ecosystems from human encroachment & disease.
Success Story

In a small town in San Mateo County a young mother, May, was very concerned about her child. Living in mountain lion country proved fearsome. Local reports of mountain lion sightings suggested there were many of the wild cats roaming her neighborhood. At her child's school a walk across an open space from classrooms to restrooms became an object of her fear - what if a lion took her son as he walked to the restrooms?

This mother joined one of Felidae's community meetings to bring her fear to the group in an effort to find resolution. At the meeting we shared all our statistics on mountain lion attacks. We shared tips on how to better live with mountain lions and on what to do in a mountain lion encounter. We also shared information on the vital role these wild cats, apex predators, play in regulating the ecosystem and why we need to preserve their presence. 

Two weeks following the meeting our field biologist offered to place a camera on May's property to monitor any wild cat activity. May agreed. At our next community meeting May was a changed person! She understood that far fewer montain lions were in the area than she had been led to believe. In fact not one passed the camera at her place during a four-month period. And her sense of relief for her family's safety was coupled with a renewed admiration and passion for preserving the mountain lion. 

Felidae works to encourage coexistence with messaging built on sound research that helps everyone understand the intricacy of our natural world.






Support our work in Tsavo for Cheetahs

Help save cheetahs in Tsavo from extinction. Our work there is protecting cheetahs from being killed and is raising awareness about their dire circumstances. The Tsavo tribal communities assist our project and we need your help to support them. Help us get the word out!

Visit our website now and sign up for updates. 

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