Dogs On Death Row


We rescue canines facing imminent execution if they do not get interim financial sponsors, foster parents or receive veterinary treatment required to become adoptable. Providing spay or neuter, foster care and adoptions for unwanted dogs and puppies.

Success Story

Hi, I'm Benji. No, not that Benji, but everyone says I look like a movie star, and since I don't know my lineage, well, maybe we're related. I have no idea why I ended up in jail. I sat in a cold concrete block, shaking, scared and didn't know what was happening. The other inmates told me I was at the end of the line. WHAT! About to be gassed they said. Depending on the size of the gas chamber, four or five of us would be killed at the same time. What an awful way to go!! We scratched on the walls and begged for mercy, knowing what was coming. But moments before we were "dead dogs walking" we got a reprieve. WOW! People from Maine to California had arranged a stay of execution! Talk about a took a whole country to save us. Next thing, I know, I'm making friends with all the kids and families in the neighborhood, sniffing and playing with other dogs sleeping in a warm place with a nice menu. And get day I see the doctor who checks me out and then I get a warm bath and a haircut! (Did I mention I might have movie star genes?) And for the rest of the story check out my website!
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