Ape and Monkey Rescue and Sanctuaries

(aka) International Primate Protection League


Dedicated to protecting the world's remaining primates, great and small: exposing primate abuse, battling international traffickers & poachers, operating a gibbon sanctuary, and supporting ape, chimp, gorilla, orangutan & monkey rescue worldwide.

Success Story

Since 1973 we have worked to expose primate abuse and battled international traffickers. We also operate a sanctuary for gibbons (the smallest of the apes) in South Carolina and support primate rescue efforts worldwide, especially in countries where primates are native. Our goal is to keep these uniquely threatened animals safe from human cruelty, negligence, and exploitation, envisioning a world where all primates can thrive in their native habitats.

Over the years, thousands of caring supporters around the world have enabled us to continue to rescue dozens of abused and neglected gibbons from a variety of unfortunate, sometimes horrific, backgrounds. The gibbons that reside at our sanctuary in South Carolina have been retired from zoos, were part of roadside attractions, former pets, or they spent years, even decades as subjects in research laboratories.

Without the generous support of our compassionate donors, many of these animals would have been condemned to a life of misery, or even an unnecessary and premature death. Instead, our gibbons enjoy some of the best conditions in captivity, with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, indoor enclosures equipped with heat and air conditioning, spacious outdoor enclosures, daily enrichment, and plenty of loving care.

As a result, we’re happy to say that some of our gibbons have reached the age of 60 and Gibby, who was wild-caught and then spent decades in research before coming to IPPL, turned 62 in March 2021!

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