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Our national animal rescue, adoption, rehab & sanctuary provides cutting-edge humane education & research programs, protects farmed animals from cruelty & torture, inspires change in society views on factory farming, environmental change & vegan living.

Success Story

Last summer Farm Sanctuary's Emergency Rescue Team arrived at a factory pig farm where we were alerted to the flagrant abuse of a pregnant breeding sow, Julia. A mere eight hours after she arrived at our New York Shelter, the sow gave birth to 16 premature piglets. The premature labor was, no doubt, a result of her extreme stress. Our new Melrose Small Animal Hospital proved to be a tremendous asset during this emergency delivery, allowing us to keep the piglets comfortable as we cleaned the birthing area. It was touch-and-go for these babies, and our shelter's entire staff helped to provide the medical care, fluids, and hourly feedings that they required around the clock. Julia was also in a precarious condition. Her body testified to the cruelty she had endured: flat feet and leg sores from the crate bars and barren concrete floors common in factory farms, as well as kick bruises and burns from the attack that had left her lying exhausted and unable to eat in her farrowing crate. While Julia's energy and appetite remained very low those first few days, her fear subsided in the presence of her new, gentle caregivers, who described her as "angelic." Astoundingly, this animal who has known such violence at human hands had already recognized that the people now surrounding her were her friends. Her capacity to trust is an inspiration to us as we fight to protect other animals like her.
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