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Your gift makes a kinder world for farm animals, dogs, cats, wildlife, and all domestic & wild animals, through undercover investigations, rescues, humane education, spay and neuter, and high-profile advocacy campaigns.

Success Story

Thanks to support for PETA from CFC donors and other members, we have freed many animals from laboratories, breeding facilities, and roadside zoos. In 2022, we carried out the biggest roadside zoo rescue in PETA’s history. Tri-State Zoological Park,a longtime PETA target, closed its doors and surrendered 72 animals to peaceful new homes.

This Maryland roadside hellhole confined animals in decrepit conditions, deprived them of necessary veterinary care, and forced them to live crushingly depressing lives. PETA’s legal work and campaigns led to the release of these animals, as well as their safe transfer to new homes and new lives.

This victory followed years of PETA campaigns and lawsuits. In an unprecedented move, 14 first class sanctuaries and accredited zoos from across the country joined us in October to give 72 animals of 30 species the lives they’ve always deserved. Among them are Asiatic black bears Sallie and Suzie, whom Tri-State had confined to a cramped cage with a filthy pool. They’ll live in safety, comfort, and peace for the rest of their lives. Sallie and Suzie are the 77th and 78th bears, respectively, PETA has rescued from similarly dire circumstances.

PETA had previously rescued and transferred six other animals from Tri-State. Tigers Cheyenne and Mowgli and lion Peka were moved to a sanctuary after a court ruled in our favor in an Endangered Species Act (ESA) lawsuit. The ruling prohibited Tri-State from owning or possessing endangered or threatened species in the future.

PETA’s campaigns are changing the world for the better for animals. Please consider helping us reach more animals by designating PETA for your CFC giving. PETA’s CFC number is 11651.

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