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Factory farming: Suffering cows, pigs, chickens, and fish in overcrowded, unsanitary, and cruel conditions that also carry serious human-health and environmental consequences. Your support helps us build a more just and sustainable food system for all.

Success Story

Alice was a dairy cow at Bettencourt Dairies in Idaho. She gave birth to a calf only to have her baby dragged away from her soon after birth so she could produce milk for human consumption instead of for her offspring. Her calves were shipped to veal farms, sold for slaughter, or would grow up to a dairy cow just like Alice. Some of her babies, without being given the life-saving colostrum from their mother, likely would quickly die from weakness and infection and would be shoveled into wheelbarrows to be taken to the "dead pile." When Alice's body was "spent" from so many pregnancies that her bones weakened and could no longer support her weight, much less produce calves, she was likely loaded onto a truck with other spent dairy cows, sent to auction, and then to slaughter for low-grade meat products like pet food. There are millions of cows just like Alice in virtually every dairy factory farm in the United States. And this heartbreaking scene is repeated thousands of times each day. But Alice's story gets even worse. A Mercy For Animals investigator met Alice during his time working undercover at this dairy factory farm. He witnessed and recorded workers beating, punching, and kicking Alice. Thankfully, because of your support, Mercy For Animals was able to bring Alice's abuser to justice. Each donation helps us to carry out this important work, bringing abusers to justice and creating a world where millions of animals can be spared the abuse Alice suffered.
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