Apes Alive: The Primate Rescue Center

(aka) Primate Rescue Center Inc


They deserve sanctuary. Saving lives and providing a safe haven for chimpanzees and monkeys in need. Providing lifelong sanctuary care, working to end the bushmeat trade and poaching, and changing laws to protect primates.

Success Story

Many people are surprised to learn of the need for primate sanctuaries. Most assume that animals as intelligent and unusual as primates are provided special protection. Unfortunately, primates are legally traded and exploited for a number of needless purposes, including being sold as pets. Pet primates not only can cause household damage and severe bodily injuries, but the animals themselves suffer terribly. Most PRC residents are former pets and require extensive rehabilitation. Recently we took in four capuchins who were seized by humane officers because of severe neglect. The monkeys were emaciated, dehydrated and developed abnormal coping behaviors, such as pacing and rocking. They hadn't been let out of their tiny cages for years, and the cages and animals were caked with filth. After several months they were introduced to our existing capuchin group. They now share a large outdoor enclosure with trees and grass, and have access to an indoor area filled with toys, perches and blankets. They receive regular medical care and meals of fresh produce. The four have adjusted well to their new surroundings and have formed strong relationships with the other monkeys. With your support we can continue to help primates in desperate need.
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