In Defense of Animals


Experimented on in cosmetic & medical testing labs. Skinned for fur. Tortured in circuses & zoos. Abused. Afraid. Alone. Every day, dogs, cats, rabbits, farmed animals, primates and countless other animals & wildlife live in pain. Help us rescue them!

Success Story

We got a call from a deputy in Carroll County, Mississippi, about a dog who was believed to have been hit by a car. However, when we saw her picture we knew it was much worse and we had to help her.

The following morning we picked her up and brought her to our vet, who confirmed she had been burned, possibly by hot oil, since the hair on her body surrounding the burn felt oily.

We named her Weezey, and she stayed at the vet for treatment for about a week before we brought her to Hope Animal Sanctuary. There, we continued to treat her burn, and even though she must’ve been in a tremendous amount of pain, she was always happy and loving with our caregivers.

Her wounds have since healed, and we hope that soon she will have a guardian of her own who can see past her scars, and see what a beautiful soul she has — she deserves nothing less.

We’re so glad we could help her on her journey to her new life and are grateful to everyone who helps us fulfill our mission of helping animals in the Deep South.

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End Animal Abuse