Animal Charities of America


Protecting wild animals and their habitats, including apes, monkeys, tigers, cheetahs, pandas, wolves, to farm animal advocacy for cows, pigs, poultry and ducks. Rescuing dogs, horses and cats. Training canine assistance dogs, supporting no-kill shelters.

Success Story

Animal Charities of America is a federation of non-profit charities protecting pet, wildlife, and endangered species. Members seek to humanely control domestic animal populations, to protect national treasurers like the Bald Eagle, and rescue animals from cruelty, neglect, abuse and exploitation. Our members train thousands of dogs every year to serve the blind and handicapped. While the health and human service provided by guide dogs is clear, all ACA members serve the human population by teaching people to treat animals with respect. Other benefits to the human population include health and disease control and abuse prevention of children connected to abused pets.
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